Lavender Guinea Hatching Eggs

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Breed: Lavender Guinea APA: No Egg Color: Dark and Spotted Egg Production: 60-100 small eggs per season. Breed Facts: The guinea makes a very good watch dog and will let you know if an intruder is around. By "intruder" that can mean anything from a dog, opossum or nothing at all. They are also known to be good tick and bug eaters. Guninea fowl...


This item includes shipping USPS Priority Mail at no additional charge. While many of you know that these packages are automatically insured up to $100 what isn’t clear is their policy on hatching eggs which is as follows: “Coverage is not provided for consequential losses, dela...


Shipping on Hatching Eggs: We ship hatching eggs Monday through Saturday, depending on when the hens lay. We strive to ship within 24 hours of the egg being laid. Eggs that are older than 48 hours go in the incubator, to the farmers market or the food bank. We don’t have the abi...

Delayed/Damaged Shipments

Delayed Shipments Eggs are shipped across multiple states and transferred from truck to truck. Sometimes it isn’t even the right truck. The postal service can take longer than expected and just because the package is late does not mean your eggs won’t hatch. If your eggs are in ...


Due to the nature of the product we are unable to accept returns. We are not able to guarantee your hatch rate. Your hatch rate could be zero or all the eggs, including the “just in case” extra, could hatch. If you want a guaranteed number of chicks delivered to your door you wil...


We sell hatching eggs and chicks in single quantities so that you can purchase exactly the quantity you would like. We do not have the quantity of each breed that allow us to produce untold dozens of each breed’s eggs every day. We want to reach the backyard owner who may only wa...