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What is Family Farmers?

Marketplace or a CRM?

You get best of the both worlds. Instant reach to the local customers with flexibility and full control over your audience. You manage your payment methods with full or partial refunds and custom store policies without any restrictions. Communicate with your customers directly and build a loyal customers base with loyalty points.

Connect with local buyers

Get your storefront online and share your mobile app with your customers. Everyone in your city finds your farm and store products instantly on the homepage without the need for you to pay any marketing fees. Invite your staff members to join and use our messaging tools to keep your customers in touch.

Join the movement

Past few years we have seen a big spike in interest for local farm-fresh food grown by the local farmers without the use of chemicals & pesticides. People have understood the need for healthy food and lifestyle, our platform is an initiative to accelerate this movement further for our green and local economy.


Family Farmers has been a game changer for us. Our customers love the app and broadcast updates. Our subscription sales blew up & we have had large influx of new buyers.
Things are doing very well since we setup our store online. Up to 114 monthly subscriptions and 16 restaurants now. was a much needed platform for us. Our sales are up 2x and we are only getting started here.
Taking online delivery orders has been a gift for us. Family Farmers click & pack-list saved us hours of manual excel work and our customers love the regular delivery updates in app.
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